Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Missing the point

Apart from the small task of having measured the cost of EU regulation in the last decade, over at Open Europe we've also been busy trying to find the link between EU law and the strikes in Lincolnshire and elsewhere.

For our take on it, check out our briefing here.

We find it extrordinary that everyone is referring to a series of ECJ rulings, arguing that these cases have undercut domestic wages in the UK. But no one seems able to explain exactly how these cases have damaged the pay and working conditions of British workers.

We suspect that what people are protesting agaist is not these Court cases nor the Posted Workers Directive, but the very principle of free movement itself - and we tell you why in the briefing.


Anonymous said...

Why does nobody mention the protectionist measures that France regularly takes? The CAP 'protects' French Farmers, the French will only buy French apples, cheeses and meat while British produce has been banned by the EU. Only in Britain is it 'cool' to buy foreign, thereby putting British farmers etc. at a great disadvantage. We shall soon be unable to sell, and therefore, produce, anything British - a road to a country's collapse.

Anonymous said...

I totaly agree with your comments the sooner we leave the EU and follow a truly democratic path of self determination and accountability the better.

Anonymous said...

Not only on this aspect, but so many others as well, the British public have been disregarded by politicians who have signed our 'rights' away. There is however still a means to beat the EU laws with which we disagree. As an example, the British public could simply have had it suggested to them that if they disagreed with the contract at 'Total' then they should stop using the petrol they produce ... this would hit them in their balance sheet and that would effect a change. Such action can not be deemed illegal since the very principle of the EU is SUPPOSED to be choice and the rights of the individual. NO ONE can force me to use the products of any particular company if I don't like it!