Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Quote of the day

"Whilst the original Constitutional Treaty was technical, and correct, people didn't read the Lisbon Treaty, they didn't understand the first word about it. No real debate about the Lisbon Treaty could happen. This was a deliberate decision of the European Council"

- New EU Development Commissioner Karel de Gucht (replaced Louis Michel after he became an MEP in June)

(Hat-tip Conservative Home).


Anonymous said...

The fact that an EU Commissioner has now admitted this so called treaty was designed not to be understood is a socking admission of what the EU bosses think of the man in the street and how they have no respect for the individual or his/her vote. On this bases alone the Irish should vote no next month.

Anonymous said...

Democracy has been dispensed with and we pay for the great unwieldy gravy train. Is there any party we can trust. Most of us just wanted to outlaw war between European states for which we had paid so highly but do we really deserve this unstoppable jugganaut?